Would like to get or borrow a car seat for a 2 year old visiting for 2 weeks. Thanks
Needs to be covered and in good shape. Its for a school garden. Thanks!
Hi FC's, My 1st gen roku suddenly stopped supporting the "Channel store", thus I can't add any new channels. As I'm trying to cut the cable cord, I need Hulu or simmilar....so need a new streaming device. Way to make us upgrade :( If you have one that's not being used, I'd love to give it a new home. Thanks!
Looking for lots of the baby food jars. Thank you!
Hoping someone's kids have outgrown their soccer goals. If you have 1 or 2 goals, we'd be interested in them for our 7 year old. Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for solar panels and related accessories for an off-grid project. I'm also interested in a wind generator. Thanks!
I wish to briefly view portions of two 70 yr old short 16mm silent movies in order to determine their subject matter and condition. A 16mm viewer or editing bench, or access to one, would be ideal. Under an hour's access should be sufficient.
Anyone has an unwanted animal exercise pen/cage? I like to have it for my new adapted rabbit. Thank you so very much in advance.
I am in need of a wireless keyboard and mouse.
I need two 10' x 20' eight leg (Costco type brown) carport structures that you don't need/use anymore. I will disassemble and haul them off. Thank you!
Hi , I would love a large aquarium
Looking for a adult size women s bike for our caregiver who would love to go for a ride on the trail on her days off. She s such a sweet girl and so helpful but I would love to help her out if we can. I know she would be so apprecative thank you
If you used one to get pregnant and no longer need it, please let me know. Thank you.
If you used an ovulation predictor kit to get pregnant, and no longer need it, please let me know. Thank you.
If anyone have excess fruits in their backyard to share with, I am happy to take some. Thanks in advance!
My nearsighted, very friendly lap cat went missing last night. She is white with carmel colored markings on head and tail with light blue eyes. Aqua is wearing a flea collar. Please contact Susan (510) 727-1280. Reward offered
Need music or book cassettes - going on 6 hour car trip - love 80 s music also classical - and lectures etc.
I would like clean small aquarium rocks to use in a craft project.
I am in need of a wireless keyboard and mouse.
i am in desperate need of a Macbook around 2010 or later, Mine bit the dust and it's my lifeline! Should be in working order and have at least 250mg HD, so I may migrate my files. Can arrange pick-up at a Starbucks, or wherever is comfortable for you. Thanks!
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